Leaders today face an enormous array of technological, social and economic changes. Yet one crucial part of every leader’s job that has remained unchanged for centuries, is the need to change and develop people’s behaviour.

In this new edition of Changing Employee Behaviour, leadership expert Nik Kinley and IMD professor Shlomo Ben-Hur reveal how leaders can apply proven techniques drawn from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, and behavioural economics to improve people’s performance, develop their teams, and change challenging behaviours.

Backed by academic theories, in-depth studies and exclusive interviews with 500 business leaders worldwide, it provides a comprehensive toolkit and practical guide to how (and how not) to motivate, reward, and change the habits of individuals and teams.

This updated and revised edition also now shows how these methods have become even more relevant in the post-pandemic world, and how they have been applied to the broader challenge of changing workplace culture.

With their terrific MAPS model, the authors offer insights, tools, techniques, examples and assessments that will help any leader to change employee behavior. Rapid change has become the new normal, and this book is a tremendous asset for leaders who want to become architects of change in the 21st century. Congratulations to the authors for writing this masterpiece. Nick van Dam Ph.D., Global Chief Learning Officer, McKinsey & Company

An invaluable primer and compelling resource for managers, HR professionals and leaders everywhere. Jonathan Donner, VP Global Learning and Capability Development, Unilever

This is not just another book about change management; it is about human beings and how and why they change, and is packed with great tools and insights for creating the right context to lead sustainable change in both business and day-to-day life. Fausto Palumbo, VP Head of Corporate Training & Learning, Nestlé

Elegantly combines theory with practice and packed full of tools that managers can experiment with. Kim Lafferty, Vice President Global Leadership Development, GlaxoSmithKline

This book is a must read for any manager wanting to understand the “how” of achieving change as well as the “what” and it paves the way for an essential management (r)evolution. Yannick Bonnaire, Corporate VP for Leadership and Managerial Development, Safran

…you stand to benefit tremendously from the authors’ in-depth knowledge on how to drive behavior change in support of your growth strategy. Willibald Cernko, CEO UniCredit Bank Austria

This engaging, practical, and evidenced-based book definitively addresses the timeless question of how you get people to change their behavior. Prof. Bernie Jaworski, Peter F. Drucker Chair in Management, Claremont Graduate University

How to drive performance, develop teams, & change culture.

"Terrific...a masterpiece"

"Invaluable and compelling"

"Packed with tools and insights"

"Engaging and practical"

"A management revolution"