A new approach to leadership and culture

It's all about impact

4. We need to select leaders for their character as well as their capability.

3. Under pressure, our instincts & inner character are revealed.

2. To change people's behaviour, you have to change the environments leaders create.

1. The critical determinant of leaders' performance is their impact on others.

Over the last 15 years, we have pioneered a new approach to selecting & developing leaders and driving business performance, based on four key findings:

Nik Kinley

With 30 years experience in a mix of commercial, corporate HR + consulting roles, plus a decade working as a forensic psychotherapist, Nik has the unique experience of having worked with royalty, criminals, CEOs, politicians, and children.

As a consultant, coach and assessor, he is known for his ability to bring new perspectives and bridge the gap between hard academic research and the practical commercial realities of leadership.

He specialises in identifying, evaluating + optimising the relationship between 3 things:

  • What leaders bring (their character + capability, instincts + tendencies)

  • The reactions and behaviours they trigger, enable or block in the people around them

  • Their ability to deliver a strategy, drive results and create value for their business

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