Based on years of original research, this book controversially counters almost every existing leadership model and approach.

It shows how as leaders rise to senior levels, their roles become less about doing things that directly drive results and more about directing and supporting others to achieve objectives.

Using case studies and research, the authors reveal how leadership is thus not so much about having the right capabilities, but about having the right impact and creating the right environment. Using the analogy of a smartphone operating system (OS), the book presents a new way of thinking about leadership. The authors provide a clear and practical framework to follow and show how the environment you create - your leadership OS - determines the impact you have, the imprint you make and the foundation of your legacy as a leader.

Reading it, you will learn:

- How to diagnose the impact you have as a leader and understand the OS you create

- How famous leaders have created effective – and sometimes ineffective – OSs

- How to optimise your OS to produce the best results

- How to get people working together effectively, and be a high-performing leader

Providing practical and easy to follow advice, the book shows how leadership success is all about impact, and how you can create the right operating systems for your organisation.

Finally, a book which challenges the accepted wisdom that developing leadership competencies is the holy grail of what it takes to be a leader. A book which doesn’t pretend to have found the one leadership model which is the panacea for all. A recognition that adapting to context and maximising impact on others are the keys to performance and results. The concepts behind the Leadership OS model feel timeless…but the call to action is a modern-day wake-up call for leaders everywhere. Peter Attfield, General Manager Leadership & Organisation Development, Jardine Matheson, Hong Kong

This book moves the organizational leadership dialogue forward by leaps and bounds. The authors bravely look beyond the individual domain of control to the organizational context—asking us to be brave in turn and create an operating system in which all can thrive. Molly Nagler, Chief Learning Officer, Pepsico, USA

A practical book that enables readers to take stock of how they lead and what they can improve, and then provides a clear guide on how to address the gaps one-by-one. Knut Haanaes, Dean, Global Leadership Institute, World Economic Forum

Like a foundation in a building, this book will help you create a stable and sustainable operating system to navigate you through various leadership situations with different individuals and teams. Kirsi Mettälä, Executive Vice President Human Resources, Skanska Group, Sweden

Some books have the rare quality of becoming guides to action. Leadership OS is one of them, as it challenges its readers into deep self-reflection and at the same time provides them with invaluable tools and insights on how to become an effective leader. Paulo Figueiredo, Executive Director, BiG – Banco de Investimento Global, Portugal

A refreshing break from the tradition of overconfident leadership formulas that underestimate the complexity of the modern business world, this book excellently addresses the question of how to provide effective leadership in an ever faster changing context. Informed by a clear model and researched top tips, it provides a highly useful resource to help leaders both adapt to the challenges they face in today’s increasingly complex world, and ensure they create the right environment for the younger generation of talent emerging in firms. Caroline Vanovermeire, Director of Talent, Leadership & Organisational Development, Dentsu Aegis Network, UK

If you only read one book about leadership, make sure this is the one. It is a valuable tool for leaders to truly understand how to perform at a higher level. The insight and knowledge of the authors make it an adventure. A brilliant read! Angelica Adamski, CEO, Chromafora, Sweden

A must read, this book clearly and elegantly describes the core of leadership. For starting managers it offers guidance on how to create an operating environment to optimally realize goals. For more experienced leaders, it is a great reminder of what too often gets lost in the hectic buzz of daily corporate life. Ruurd Brouwer, CEO, TCX, The Netherlands

It's all about your impact. How to build the environment you need to succeed.

"A must read"

"Challenges accepted wisdom"

"Provides invaluable tools and insights"

"An adventure"

"A modern-day wake-up call"