Coaching, Evolved

Success in coaching means improving impact.

Even when helping leaders with aspects of their inner lives such as resilience, confidence or a skill like strategic thinking, our ultimate goal is always to improve the impact leaders have. This means helping them better understand how their behaviour affects how other people think, feel and act. And then helping them better manage this, so they can have the impact they need.

Coaching needs to be practical and go deep.

An important part of our coaching involves teaching leaders simple, practical techniques. But to sustain change, leaders need to understand and be able to manage the instincts, underlying tendencies, and default behaviours they fall back on when operating under pressure without time to think. And that means tracing the underlying causes to work out how to block or rewrite these instinctive tendencies. So, we do practical and deep.

Often, coaching should involve teams.

Much coaching focuses on helping leaders deliver through their teams and get the best out of them. To us, it seems odd to focus on this, without actually working with the team as well as the leader. So, where relevant and possible, we run a workshop session with the leader’s team, to help drive and support the changes the leader is trying to achieve.

Coaching structure needs to be flexible.

Not everyone needs a traditional 6-session coaching package. A few need more; but many need less, as most of the coaching value is delivered in the first 2 or 3 sessions. So, we offer flexible coaching packages to suit the needs to individuals.


Involves 3 initial sessions, followed by the option to have three further sessions if deemed useful.

2-month Intensive

Involves helping leaders through a particular transition or period, with intensive, on-call support.


Focused on driving team performance. Involves two initial coaching sessions, then a team development workshop, before a final coaching focused on sustaining change.

All this is supported by our Leadership OS Impact 360. This online tool based on research detailed in Leadership OS, is the only commercially available, benchmarked feedback tool that looks at the key elements of leaders’ actual impact, rather than just their behaviour.

It is also supported by our Leadership Code diagnostic, based on our research detailed in Rewriting your Leadership Code, and designed to accelerate our ability to work with leaders’ underlying instincts and tendencies.

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