Nik Kinley is a London-based consultant and coach with over 30 years’ experience specialising in leadership and culture. His varied background includes commercial roles, senior corporate HR positions (with BP & Barclays), and consulting roles (with YSC & Accenture), as well as over a decade working in prisons as a forensic psychotherapist. He thus has the unique experience of having worked with royalty, criminals, CEOs, politicians, and children.

As a consultant, he has worked with over half of the top 20 FTSE companies, spent nearly a decade working across the Middle East and Asia, and has led culture change and integration programmes in some of the world's most successful organisations. As an assessor, he has personally interviewed over 1,000 senior executives from across the world, primarily for CEO and C-Suite roles, including every type of commercial, technical and functional leadership position. And as a coach, he has worked with CEOs and executive teams across industries and regions, in organisations big and small, from founder-led portfolio companies to multinational businesses with over 100,000 employees and assets worth over $500bn.

Renowned for his ability to bring new perspectives and bridge the gap between hard academic research and the practical commercial realities of leadership, he has published eight books on leadership, talent assessment, and behaviour change, many of which have been translated into multiple languages. He has published award-winning papers in leading journals. And he is a regular lecturer at leading global business schools and a frequent speaker at conferences.

His latest book, Rewriting Your Leadership Code: How your childhood made you the leader you are and what you can do about it, will be published in April 2024. His latest research identified the lessons to be learnt from past crises and recessions for today’s organisations as they seek to navigate the challenges and uncertainty of the post-pandemic world and recent socio-political turmoil.

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