Leadership Impact Feedback Survey

The only feedback tool with global benchmarks and an AI coach that looks at the key elements of leaders’ actual impact, rather than just their behaviour.

A leader’s performance and ability to create value is not just driven by their know-how and capabilities, it is also determined by their impact on the people and processes around them.

The Leadership OS Impact survey is the only commercially available, benchmarked tool that provides feedback on the actual impact leaders have on the people and processes around them. For example, rather than asking how confident a leader behaves; it asks whether the people around the leader feel more confident when they are with them.

The survey is based on our global research programme into the most important elements of a leader’s impact for performance, published in Leadership OS. It looks at 12 aspects of leaders’ impact that fall under three main areas: Trust, Clarity and Momentum.

The survey can be used for individual development or as part of a culture change initiative.

The outputs come in two formats: A traditional PDF document, and an interactive online report with AI coach that enables users to dive into the detail of the results and provides extensive practical tips for how leaders can develop their impact. The AI coach can summarise the report content for users, findings patterns and generating insights, and help users find developmental suggestions.

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