To change culture and behaviour, you need to change leaders and the environments they create

Changing culture is all about changing behaviour. And changing behaviour is all about changing context.

The key to any successful behaviour change is making sure that the day-to-day context that people work in supports the change you want to see.

This means that if you want culture change to work, you need to focus less on changing people’s behaviour, and more on changing the context they work in, so that they naturally behave in the way you need them to.

For the past 10 years we have led culture change initiatives across the world focused on just this: Creating the context required to support the behaviours businesses need.

That means working with leaders to help them understand and develop the impact they have on the people and processes around them.

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For more information on our research our research in Changing Employee Behaviour, now available in a second edition and translated in multiple languages, click here.