Measuring Honour

How can you measure honour? And should we want to?

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Most psychometric tests currently come from the US and Europe. They are developed there, usually originally written in English, and reflect Western cultural values. For many countries elsewhere in the world, this can create three challenges when it comes to assessing personality. 

1.     Appropriate translations are not always available. In Brazil, for example, the tests available are mostly international ones, written in international Portuguese, rather than Brazilian Portuguese.

2.     Even if translated correctly the items/questions on a test may just not make sense in the local culture.

3.     Local, non-European personality concepts are largely ignored.

The latter point in particular has been receiving a lot of attention, with one example being the development of psychometric tests that measure Honour, which is an important construct in many collectivist cultures.

With this latter point in mind, a new research paper has reported the development of a psychometric test of Honour for the Brazilian market and found it to be reliable and well-constructed.

Now it has to be said that there is no research available to date (that I can find) on the relationship between Honour and work performance. But the mere availability of the test is a positive development and as such is to be welcomed.

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